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Migration Watch: not colour, but "culture", apparently

In his Observer profile last weekend, Sir Andrew Green claimed to be "not a racist - just a realist". Well, here's a fascinating snippet from the Guardian of Friday November 4, 2005
'A great ambassador - with worrying views on race'
by Ewen MacAskill:

MacAskill says:

Sir Andrew, in a letter to the Sunday Times in September, wrote: "How can we integrate people at this pace, especially as 70% of the net inflow of foreign citizens are from the distant cultures of Asia and Africa?"

This week the focus shifted to eastern Europe, when government records tested credulity by reporting there were only 95 Polish plumbers in Britain. The row offered Sir Andrew an opportunity to renew his argument on the BBC's Today programme, when he said: "We have no problem with immigration from Poland, which is valuable to all sides." The problem was the scale of immigration from other parts of the world. "The government must make a reduction in numbers from elsewhere. What they could do is reduce the number of work permits for the rest of the world."

If culture is the problem, how about addressing the truly breathtaking cultural gulf separating the retired ambassador and his friends from the "ordinary British people" Migration Watch pretends to sympathise with?

Posted by Bob Hughes on Wednesday, January 10 2007

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