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New Labour: making foreigners work for Britain

++A rant on the occasion of the Strangers Into Citizens march, 7th May 2007++

CAN WE PLEASE MARK THE BICENTENARY of the 1807 Slave Trade Act by tying a nice, noisy tin can to the tail of that vicious little New Labour weasel, "Making Migration Work for Britain".

When they say "migration", stop them right there: what they actually *mean* is "people".

Migration isn't some incidental by-product, like earwax, or toenail-clippings, which an imaginative government might cleverly harness to everyone's advantage. Migration is inseparable from the human being. You cannot manage my migration while I get on with something else: if you manage my migration, you manage *me* and I am in your power, totally. There is no getting around it: I become to some extent your slave.

Which must be why those who preach "managed migration" never recommend it for themselves, and cannot even imagine it being applied to them.

"Making migration work for Britain" is just another way of saying "Making people work for Britain" - the same old game as in 1807, but in an improved, 21st-century version where, instead of being driven with whips and cutlasses, the new "human resources" are driven by their own hopes or desperation.

And just who is this "Britain" that wants "migration" to work for it? Where did this bizarre request come from? Not from you, I'm sure, and not from me! Perhaps it's Tesco! But you can't really put that on the cover of a Government White Paper.

Anyway, it had better not take till 2033 (the bicentenary of the actual end of slavery, as opposed to the traffic in slaves) to end this hypocritical nonsense.


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Posted by Bob Hughes on Monday, May 7 2007

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